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How to prepare for entrance exam of Delhi University ?

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So today we are going to tell you in this post how to prepare for the entrance exam of Delhi University that if your admission is confirmed there, then there is a request from you that you should read everything till the end of the post only then you can understand everything.

Friends, if we talk about Delhi University, then Delhi University takes out its admission process in March-April and all this process is completed within a month.

Know that the application is taken for admission in 4 types of courses in Delhi University, first of all, tell us that if you prepare a strategy for taking admission, then it is very easy to take admission in Delhi University. .

So the first thing to tell is that the committee of Delhi University issues notifications, while there are millions of students from all over the country who have dreams of studying in Delhi University or taking admission there because studying in Delhi University Means to be proud

So what process do you have to go through and how can you study in a right direction and take admission in it i.e. Delhi University and take admission.

 So, let us know that applications are taken for admission in 4 types of courses in Delhi University like PG Course MPhil Course and PHD Courses Etc.

First of all, if the process of taking admission in this, then first of all, any student has to give entrance exam, that means preliminary examination, and only he gets admission on qualifying, whereas if except some courses of UG, marksheet of XII That is, marks are based on the marks from which merit is made and their selection is done on the basis of their marks.

So that is the first way to get admission

For example, in the UG program, among the courses for which you want to take the preliminary examination, b.Ed, m.Ed L.ED and many other types of Finance Courses are also offered in it. Where is the Delhi University Joint Admission Test for Preliminary Examination. To give this exam, it is necessary to have 60% marks in class 12th.

 This is another way to get admission

In Delhi University, except for some UG (Under Graduate) courses, merit is made on the basis of marks obtained in class 12th in the rest of the course and after that Admission to the student who has the highest percentage marks on the basis of that. Is given

In which course to take admission, entrance examination means preliminary examination.

For example, if you want to take admission in MPhil or PhD, then first you have to pass the preliminary examination, after that there is an interview in which it is necessary to pass the interview also, only then you will be able to get admission in your courses.

How can you prepare for entrance exam i.e. Preliminary Examination

So students like you will know that for the preparation of Preliminary Examination in UG and PG, read the book of questions asked in the last year of your subject, there are some important topics like, make a note to them and prepare for the exam It is very good to read more and more NCRT books, if we talk about MPhil and PhD, then for preparation of entrance exam i.e. To prepare for the preliminary exam, you should study according to the syllabus of UGC NET, only then you will be able to qualify the entrance exam.

Most importantly, preparation strategy

Friends, if possible, the maximum year question paper i.e. whatever questions have been asked in the last year, give maximum time to solve previous questions of at least 8 to 10 years and see how many of your numbers are coming. And if possible, you should prepare important topics from the previous class books, this helps you a lot and in this way you qualify the entrance exam of UG and PG. Can God and can fulfill the dream of admission in Delhi University

Which book will be best for preparing

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Exam Preparation

So let the student know that if you want to prepare for the entrance exam of Delhi University ie Preliminary Examination, then there is no need to read a lot of books first of all, you can ask your senior friend or partner about any good book. Or you can find out which is the best book entrance exam to qualify in the market or you can also do lots of youtube online. But if you get a video, then you can get a little help from there too and if you want, you can also buy the book from the market and many publishers like that which is a very important publisher’s book, you will get questions from previous year. Apart from reading the questions based on paper, you can also study online and you can also study by watching a lot of videos on YouTube. A bit of Siti be Intrens exam easily removed.

One more thing that I would like to mention is that if you talk about 8 to 10 years ago or minimum 506 years ago, then the interest of that time was a little less difficult, but in the present time, to get this entry, you have to You have to study in a precise and right direction only then it will be possible

Who is responsible for getting admission in Delhi University

So, let the student know that any notification from the Admission Committee of the University of Delhi, from the admission process, is in the hands of the “Admission Committee” and accordingly notifications and entry are taken and if there are some changes from time to time. So only the Admission Committee does.

So our dear student, if you have got any information and information from this post, then share this post with your friends on WhatsApp and Facebook so that more information is available to someone, then you get another similar Thanks for the good post.

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